Who are we?

In USA, France, Switzerland and many democratic countries, terrorists are becoming a real issue. Terrorists are just everywhere!

Citizens killing other people in public space, citizens driving too fast on the road, your citizens buying forged things and hurting the industry, citizen download music and movies and killing artists!

Countries need to change the law to protect the citizens against their worst enemies: themselves!

As an example the “States of emergency” in France.

When the institutions of the Republic, the independence of the nation, the integrity of its territory, or the fulfillment of its international commitments are under grave and immediate threat and when the proper functioning of the constitutional governmental authorities is interrupted, the President of the Republic shall take the measures demanded by these circumstances after official consultation with the Prime Minister, the presidents of the Assemblies, and the Constitutional Council.

Another example are changes in the law of Switzerland to give more power to the state.

SpyLab is a R&D company to support government and companies in this transition.

The data is safely and securely stored in our big data cloud solution in Switzerland. We offer on-demand hosting on the infrastructure of our customers.